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Looking for the best free PDF Editor for Windows & Mac?

Then you're in the right spot!

DocFly was created to provide top-of-the-line PDF editing tools - without the need for expensive software licenses or unnecessary desktop applications. With DocFly, you can edit, convert, compress and add text to PDF files directly in your browser, and access those files over the cloud when you need them.

Why do I need a PDF editor?

There's all sorts of reasons why our users need a great PDF editor every now and again. PDFs are easy to share over email, so they're an ideal way to provide and present information digitally. From filling in college applications to converting different file formats to PDF to creating presentations or templates for work - PDFs make tasks like these really simple. And the results look good, because PDF is compatible with nearly every hardware and software combination you can dream up.

Why are you offering all these PDF editing tools for free?

Because we believe everyone should have access to a free, high-quality PDF editor. You shouldn't have to pay for software that you don't use every day. Of course, if you find that you're frequently using our tools and need more file downloads than are available on our free plan, we do offer monthly or annual subscriptions at great prices that won't break your budget.

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