The DocFly Story

How a side project became one of the world's leading PDF editors.

idea for DocFly

The idea

DocFly was founded by Emily Shaw, a software developer from the UK. While working as a full-time employee in a tech company, she noticed there wasn’t a central place to perform PDF tasks; not a single decent online PDF editor existed. That’s when the "lightbulb" moment hit: there was a serious gap in the market for a great PDF SaaS application. DocFly was developed to help professionals, creatives, and teachers and students get their PDF work done online, at no cost. Offering 25 free tools, DocFly makes it easy to edit PDF text, merge PDF files, convert PDF to Word and more.

working on DocFly

Starting up

As a software developer, Emily decided to build the web application herself, but couldn’t afford to quit her day job. Spending every evening and weekend developing the website, Emily built a competitive product from the ground up. With little experience in marketing, growing traffic to the site proved difficult. Like many startups, she nearly threw in the towel. After implementing a solid strategy (and exercising a lot of patience), DocFly was recognized as a quality PDF editor and the website gained millions of users.

DocFly is successful

A popular PDF tool for businesses

The demand for a quality PDF editor grew so rapidly that Emily was able to quit her 9-5 to work full-time on DocFly, as well as bring on additional team members. Today, DocFly serves hundreds of thousands of users and subscribers each month. Our tools are particularly popular with small and medium-sized businesses who have day-to-day PDF editing needs. We continue to add new features and hope DocFly helps you improve your productivity and work quality.

Why Choose DocFly?

Looking for a full featured PDF converter that's completely online? You don't need to spend hours wasting your time on overpriced software. We offer all the tools you'd expect to see - from adding a signature, to creating a form, to reordering pages and merging files. DocFly includes everything you need to create, edit and convert PDF files with no extra software to download. (And did we mention that it's free to use?)

DocFly allows you to work with almost any type of file format - including jpg, png, tiff, Word document, Excel and PowerPoint - to create a polished, easy-to-share PDF file.

Even better? You don't have to wait for your PDF files to convert. Upload your file - regardless of format - and you can create or edit a PDF file that looks exactly as you intended. There's no degradation in quality so you can be sure that whoever you're sharing the file with, it'll look just like you intended.

DocFly has been tested extensively against other products, and our service consistently outperforms the competition in the areas of retained formatting, file size and speed of delivery. With a user-friendly interface, DocFly was designed to be a more seamless and inexpensive service than desktop PDF software.

Say goodbye to spending money on expensive licenses and join the tens of thousands of customers that edit their PDFs on DocFly every day.

Our Philosophy

We’re passionate about making you more productive and organized. Our goal is to solve our customers' PDF needs quickly, completely and for a fair price. We offer a free trial of the full version, plus, users can download their first PDFs for free. Our mission is to make any PDF task available in your browser without having to navigate cumbersome software.