A Brief History of Microsoft Word

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Most successful tech innovations over the course of history start from humble beginnings. Microsoft Word's ascent from a far-off concept to the most popular word processing programme in the world was similarly improbable.  In 1975, childhood friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded a small computer software company called "Micro-Soft" (it took them a few years to slash the hyphen). With big dreams and little funding, they started in Albuquerque, New Mexico before moving their headquarters up to their hometown of Bellevue, Washington in 1979. At the time, electric typewriters were the most state-of-the-art word processing tool. Just a small handful...

Viewing PDFs: What to do when your PDF document won’t open

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PDF files are widely considered the most convenient and versatile file format out there, and today, viewing PDF files has never been easier. They are compatible with just about every browser and can be easily opened or downloaded on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone -- in just a couple of quick clicks. The vast majority of the time, PDFs are safe, reliable, and consistent. With that said, like pretty much everything in life, viewing PDF files isn’t always a perfectly smooth process. Have you ever tried to open or download a PDF file only to be greeted by some sort...

Five Situations Where Merging PDF Files Will Make Your Life Easier

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The PDF is widely considered the most versatile file format out there. It’s easy to convert Word, Excel, JPG and PNG documents to PDFs so they can be opened conveniently on any device. Online conversion software tools make it easy to convert files so anyone you share documents with can access them quickly and easily. Any decent PDF software should be able to convert files into PDFs with reasonable accuracy. The best PDF editors/converters differentiate themselves with their sharp quality and versatility to provide a wider range of PDF-related services. One of the least well-known, yet most convenient tools that...

PDF Compression: 5 things you probably didn’t know

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Now more than ever before, businesses need to store enormous amounts of information. Meticulously organised filing cabinets are bulky, inefficient, and environmentally unfriendly. The most practical place to store documents today is on the cloud. But just like filing cabinets, the cloud has its own set of shortcomings. JPEG, TIFF, and uncompressed PDFs continue to balloon in size, taking up precious storage space. When cloud storage reaches capacity, there are two options: buy more storage space for a hefty price tag, or compress files and free up cloud storage without spending any extra money. Compressing PDFs enables your business to...

Finding the Best PDF Editor - Features You've Definitely Gotta Have

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Are you on the hunt for a great PDF editor?  Chances are, you only think about PDF editors when you actually need one. Perform a quick Google search, and you'll likely find a tool that can accomplish what you need it to - tasks like converting a file, or adding a signature or text to an online form.  But if you're starting to rely more and more on PDFs - and there are plenty of reasons why you should - then it's worth your time to look for a tool that offers all the bells and whistles you need in...

The Best PDF Editor for Teachers: Free PDF Tools for Educators

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DocFly for Teachers - Free PDF Downloads & Tips  For teachers, paper is part of the job. From student essays to craft projects, parent-teacher communications to the unending flow of administrative paperwork, that's a lot of paper to manage.  There's got to be a better way.  Paper - and all of the costs that go with paper like paper clips, printers, toner supplies, storage - add up to a pretty huge sum for your school every year. And that's money that isn't going in to other programs like music and art classes, student supplies and other costs that help your students...

A free PDF editor for students

free pdf editor students

Students, we know you've already got your hands full. From homework to classroom presentations, to sorting out your weekly schedule and applying to colleges, the amount of paperwork you manage every week is pretty astounding. And we'd like to help.  But what can you do about all that paper?   

How Paper Reduces Productivity

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While it may seem like a new trend, the idea of the paperless office has been around since the 70s - and shows no signs of stopping. Yes, it's a positive move for the environment, and for reducing your office's carbon footprint - but did you know that it can also save you a lot of money and makes you and your team more efficient? Source: Unsplash/Kelly Sikkema  Let's take a look at the hard numbers. Efficiency experts claim the average worker uses over 10,000 sheets of paper a year at an annual cost of roughly $80. But that's just for the...

11 Unexpected Uses for PDFs That Help You Win at Life

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If you're used to creating and managing files in Google Docs or MS Office, you're probably used to sharing or sending them without another thought. I mean, everybody has Office, right? Turns out, it's kind of a gamble. Are you sure the person you're sharing your file with has the exact same software you do? If they don't, they might not be able to even open your file. And if you're sharing the file with a group, that's even more opportunities for your well-formatted text doc or complex spreadsheet to get mangled in the translation. In some instances - let's...

Convert PDF to Word: 4 Times This Tool Comes in Handy

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If you do any type of work on a computer, chances are you have received or sent someone a PDF. PDFs are useful because they are compatible on almost any platform or software, and maintain their original formatting. However, the drawback of PDFs is they cannot be easily edited. If you need to make a minor change to a file such as a signing a PDF, splitting a PDF, or removing text, then there are a plenty of paid and free PDF editing tools, including DocFly.  Every now and then you may need to make significant changes to a file. In...

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