Five Situations Where Merging PDF Files Will Make Your Life Easier

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The PDF is widely considered the most versatile file format out there. It’s easy to convert Word, Excel, JPG and PNG documents to PDFs so they can be opened conveniently on any device. Online conversion software tools make it easy to convert files so anyone you share documents with can access them quickly and easily.

Any decent PDF software should be able to convert files into PDFs with reasonable accuracy. The best PDF editors/converters differentiate themselves with their sharp quality and versatility to provide a wider range of PDF-related services. One of the least well-known, yet most convenient tools that top PDF converters should offer is the ability to merge files. 

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A good Merge PDF tool comes in handy in more ways than most realise. Here are five situations that you might find yourself in where merging files can save time and aggravation for you, your colleagues, clients, family and friends:


Print a variety of different file types

Situation #1: Your boss sends you four Excel spreadsheets, three Word documents and two JPG pictures and casually asks you to print them for a meeting with a client in 15 minutes. The spreadsheets are a mess. The documents have funky spacing settings. The images are bigger than a standard sheet of paper. Is it humanly possible for you to turn these nine documents into a presentable packet for the client in 15 minutes?


Combine multiple email attachments

Situation #2: You receive an email with five separate documents attached. Upon further investigation, you realise that the five documents are just separate pages of a single five-page document that could be opened at once. You know that when your boss tries to quickly read through the document, only to see she has to open each individual page separately, she will be way more annoyed than you were moments ago (and you’re pretty frustrated!). Can you do anything to make her life easier before forwarding the email?


Send a folder with multiple files and file types

Situation #3: You have a multi-item folder to send to a client. The folder includes text files, graphs, PowerPoint slides, and most problematically, high-resolution images. Compressing all of these files into something that has a prayer of fitting under the maximum email attachment size limit seems hopeless. Assuming you don’t have time to print each document individually and airmail them to the client, is there a way to neatly and tidily get the packet to the client?


Present data in multiple file formats

Situation #4: You’re giving a presentation to your entire company. You plan to share a couple of letters you received from happy customers (too long and detailed to fit on a PowerPoint), several graphs that illustrate increased customer satisfaction over the last six months, and photographs from a community volunteer outing that your team went on last month. Your original plan consists of opening the letters in Word, importing the graphs from Excel and displaying the photos in Windows Photo Viewer -- switching from one window to the next. You have a hunch that there has to be a better way to do this but you’re not sure where to start. Is there a way to consolidate your content and smooth your transitions?


Put together tax documents from multiple file types 

Situation #5: It’s tax season. You’re preparing all your statements and expense tracking spreadsheets before shipping them off to your accountant. Attaching multiple individual documents to an email is a nuisance for you and even more inconvenient for your accountant. To make matters worse, you have to include those designated government tax forms (DocFly’s form filler feature can help you fill those out online). Is there a way to combine all of your tax files into a single document for your accountant?


As you may have guessed, the answer to each of the scenarios above is a resounding YES! In just a few clicks that take under a minute, you can solve each of these dilemmas and create the consistent, cohesive document that you need with DocFly’s Merge PDF feature. Only need certain pages from your PDF? You might need to split or extract those pages instead.