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Students, we know you've already got your hands full. From homework to classroom presentations, to sorting out your weekly schedule and applying to colleges, the amount of paperwork you manage every week is pretty astounding. And we'd like to help. 

But what can you do about all that paper? 


DocFly for Students - Free PDF Downloads & Tips

We've talked a lot about the paperless office and why a lot of industries are moving in that direction - paper is expensive, causes an unnecessary strain on the environment, adds clutter to our desks and can be challenging to search through when you're looking for information.  

PDF, on the other hand, is a user-friendly, easy to manage, simple to search file format used by web denizens around the globe. It's a digital standard, so sharing PDF files is simple because they can be opened and read on nearly every operating system and hardware combination the world over. Plus, PDFs keep their formatting - so you can be sure that what you can see on your screen is what will be seen by anyone you've shared a PDF file with. 

We want to help students get to know - and use - PDF files, without the need to download expensive desktop software. You've got textbooks and ramen to buy! That's why we're now offering a free promotion for students.  Just sign up here with your school email address, and you'll receive 10 free PDF downloads a month and instant access to all our great tools, like the PDF viewer, and the Convert PDF to Word tool. 

Check out our blog to learn tips on how to use PDFs and the tools we've created, and never worry about post-midnight panics when the library's printer runs out of toner. 


Curious about what you can do with PDFs? Here's a few ideas:

How Students Use PDFs

Polished Reports

You've no doubt heard it before - presentation is key. And that goes for classroom presentations too - it's not just for those already in the workforce. Use PDFs to create sleek, streamlined presentations that are easy to share over email, or in front of a classroom. With DocFly tools, you can convert any of the most popular file types - like Word, Excel, PowerPoint or images into PDF, then merge PDF files together to create one file. 


Collaborative Tasks

Working with a group? If you're sharing files with your classmates over email, PDF is a great file format to use because it can be opened on every combination of software and hardware. If you're a PC user, working with a bunch of MacHeads, you'll still be able to share a PDF file with them and not worry that it won't open on their device, or that the file will be distorted and unreadable. Plus, you can use our tools to add text, so you can easily annotate files and share it with the entire group so everyone is in the loop. 


PDF Study Aids 

Cramming for end-of-year exams? Pull the information you need from Wikipedia, newspapers and academic resources, copy them to a Word doc, and then merge them together into a handy PDF study guide you can take with you on your phone or tablet. You'll have all of the information you need to prepare for test day, and you can share it with your study partners so you all get a passing grade. 


PDF Class Schedules 

You've already got plenty on your mind at the beginning of the school year - preparing for classes, finishing up summer reading requirements, and figuring out where your classrooms will be. Prepare yourself for a successful school year by creating a sleek, easily updated PDF class schedule. And when the next semester rolls around? Quickly update the file using the DocFly text editor. You won't have to worry about misplacing a paper schedule, and you'll be able to quickly add new classes (or remove them) without needing to print new versions. 


College Applications

If your top schools provide digital or PDF applications, save yourself time and paper by filling them out on your computer. The PDF format looks more polished than handwritten forms, and you can be sure that the receiver can easily read the details on your winning application. Simply upload the application to DocFly, add text and add a signature using our tools, then download the file to print (or even better, email!) your application to send off to the school. 


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